The Best Portable Chiropractic Tables

The Top Portable Chiropractic Table

According to our analysis, the best chiropractic table is the ChiroLux Plus

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Introducing the ChiroLux Plus Chiropractic Table, a remarkable blend of professional-grade durability and enhanced portability when compared to the ChiroLux Classic model. Elevating patient experience further, the ChiroLux Plus boasts functional shoulder cutouts and an increased weight capacity. Upholstered in premium synthetic material, with a substantial 1” thick firm density foam, this table ensures supreme patient comfort while offering a solid foundation for precise adjustments. The telescoping height adjustment feature and the 5-position Quick-Touch Flexion/extension headpiece guarantee a perfect fit for every patient, therapist, or chiropractor. Inclusive of ChiroLux CheekPads featuring High Density Foam, this addition enhances headpiece comfort and adjustability.

Constructed with an aircraft aluminum tubing and a robust cable system, this table signifies a harmonious blend of sturdiness and lightweight design. The wide stance legs and non-slip feet promise stability during treatments, eliminating concerns about sliding or tipping. Included in the package is the ChiroLux CarryCase, crafted from heavy-duty lightweight nylon canvas. This practical bag features a generously-sized external pocket, an internal storage pouch, signature backpack straps, and a side handle. All these attributes combine to make transporting this featherweight table an effortless task.

ChiroLux Plus – the best portable chiropractic table

Quality: Users have found this portable chiropractic table to be of good quality and efficient in its functioning. The quality of the materials is excellent; it is lightweight, comfortable, and customizable.

Portability: One of the standout features of this chiropractic table is its impressive portability. Designed with convenience in mind, it offers easy maneuverability and can be transported effortlessly between different treatment spaces. This makes it an ideal choice for practitioners who require mobility in their practice or those who provide on-site treatments. Despite its portable nature, it maintains the same level of quality and functionality, ensuring that chiropractors can deliver effective treatments regardless of the location.

Customizable: Enjoy the convenience of push-button telescopic height adjustment, ranging from 18″ to 28″. This feature is complemented by a comfortable custom-designed table handle, enhancing portability without compromising on comfort.


I am currently a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic and recently purchased this table for a chiromissions trip I will be attending. It is super easy to set up, takes hardly any effort, and is really easy to lift and with the case they give you it makes it really easy to carry as well. I was happily surprised that even though it is so light and easy to set up, it is also very stable! I’ve had friends bring the chirolux on missiontrips prior and they all told me it is very reliable and works well even when seeing 300 patients a day. I personally enjoy that this specific table has the shoulder cut outs, I feel like it makes it more comfortable for the patient when lying prone and can even make it a little easier when performing certain adjustments. I think all in all, if you are a chiropractic student looking for a reliable and portable table throughout your time in school (or after), I would highly recommend the chirolux brand!Miciah Hirr

Miciah H.

I love how easy the table is to set up and take down. It is also light-weight making it way more portable than other tables on the market. Shipping was quick (just 2 days!) & I haven’t had a single issue with the table. Adjustable table height makes it easy to customize to any doctor’s proportions. Great table to choose especially if you know you will need to take it on airline travel or be carrying it to different locations! ChiroLux is a great, trustworthy chiropractic table company. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a light-weight table!

Kathy L.

If seen the evolution of this table and I am very happy with what it has become. This company as updated this table to make in more durable and strong. The cables are stronger and padding is very comfortable.

I take my ChiroLux table wherever I go because it is just so convenient to travel with . The back carry case is legit . I never have trouble with checking through the airlines. Not only is it easy to travel with it is also easy to set up . Less than 3 mins so it has been times that I would adjust in the airport after long flights …

Highly recommend y’all .

Artful E.

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